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On 9/13/2023 at 5:17 PM, Buick35 said:

Are their any v.w. Parts vendors at Hershey? My son needs a spare wheel for his 61 beetle.

There are a few vendors that specifically sell VW parts at Fall Hershey but there are not a lot of them and they are usually scattered all over the various fields. Like 46 woodie posted they are listed in the Hershey Program Guide. When it comes to VW Parts, I have found that over the last 20 years finding VW parts are an Easter Egg Hunt or a Treasure Hunt. By that I mean VW Parts are usually a box or a few parts buried or under the table of a vendor whose main focus is non VW parts. In some cases, that works to the buyer's advantage since the vendor may be more motivated to negotiate to just get rid of "those parts" than to make a huge profit. 


Since my VW's are from the 1980s and are water-cooled finding parts for me is next to impossible at Fall Hershey. On those very rare occasions, I truly considered my find as hitting the lottery. Then again, that is one of the things (ie "the hunt") that makes Fall Hershey special.

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