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1917 front fenders NOS


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Because the  Forums  would not  let  me  sign in on my old  membership I had  since2007, I had to sign in as a new member. They  will not let me  message  any  member until have what they call points. So  would  someone that is   a long term member  please send Fargoman a message  and  ask him  how  much  money  for the  fenders please.

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I have  looked at the  part #  for the Hupp Model N& R. They  do  list  any of the  # 's on the  fenders  you have. The  other  thing is  that  your  fenders  being  Nos do not  have  any  pre drilled  holes for the  headlight  bars that  are on  both these  models. Thank you for your  time but  I can  not  use them.

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