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1932 McLaughlin Buick 96C - One of a kind?


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I recently bought a 1932 McLaughlin Buick 96C Convertible Coupe that was billed as 1 of only 7 ever built and the only one still in existence. Does anyone know of any other cars of the same make, model and year that are still around? Can you confirm that only 7 were ever made? I have documents from the Buick Heritage Alliance showing that ten 8-96C bodies were shipped to Oshawa, so am curious about the claim that only 7 were ever built.


I'm also told that McLaughlin Buick marketed the car as a Convertible Coupe Roadster, which seems to be an anomaly because the car has roll-down windows. Can anyone shed any light on why they would market the car this way, if indeed they did?


Many thanks for any clarifications you can provide.

Buick front on road.jpg

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Buick did list the 1932-96C as a 4 passenger convertible coupe roadster.  Info from "Buick Facts for 1932".  This book was for the  Buick dealers and salesmen.


The first line in the book  states "This four-passenger Convertible Coupe Roadster combines admirably the advantages of Coupe and Roadster, and provides a wide variety of uses."


Bob Engle



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To Buick Tom87 who asked for more photos, here are a few more. 

Bob…thanks for finding the source of the anomaly….a Convertible Coupe Roadster, with roll down windows.


To 32Buick67, thanks for the table showing export numbers. Very interesting. What was the source of that info?


To 38Buick80C, thanks for the info. I agree that the most trustworthy info I’ve received to date has been the two pages sent by the kind people at BHA. I’ll attach those pages so everyone can see.


Thanks to all who have replied. It’s a pleasure to hear from you. I’d love to learn as much as I can about this beautiful piece of history of which I have the honor of being its current custodian.


Eric Haldimann




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Attached are photos of the two pages of manufacturing data sent by the BHA….as well as a couple of photos of the car.


I came across another McLaughlin 96C on the internet and am wondering if anyone knows anything about it.IMG_1432.jpeg.a5bc00146e37d92fbfb58edb6765fed3.jpeg





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