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Model 22 Turtle Back car carrier ??????????


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Have a 1915 Metz Model 22 coupe with turtle back.  The turtleback lid has witness impressions and holes in it...which I think....might have been a spare tire carrier.   Anyone seen this carrier...either luggage or spare tire ?   Would like to know what it looks like...or...one for sale ??   Thanks...Ken


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eBay listing 403356942598 shows an earlier Metz 22 with a tire carrier on the back, but it is most likely adapted to fit. It is also not a turtleback. The 1913 Glidden cars were 1914 model cars and pictures show a spare on the turtledeck - see attached picture. I have not seen a model 22 with a tire carrier like that, but that doesn't mean one isn't out there. My 1917 Metz 25 has a tire carrier that is mounted to the frame in the rear of the car and looks to be an option at that time.  Sorry not much help, but you could probably find something that would mount a spare in that location.

1913 Glidden Walter Metz.jpg

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