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New member requesting some help

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Hi, new to the forum and this is my first post. I just got myself a 1950 Pontiac Silver Streak with the 4.4l straight 8. i was having overheating issues when I got it and since then installed a 6 blade fan, new thermostat (160), new water pump, installed a coolant reservoir tank, replaced the water distribution tube and got the radiator completely flushed and pressure checked. i flushed out the engine as best as i could with my pressure washer when i removed the distribution tube and some gunk came out. not as much as i thought would but a little bit came out. drove the car for almost all day last Saturday and she was running temps between 180 and 200. highest she went was about 210 i would say but then dropped between 180-200. i am not sure if im in the clear now and my over heating issues are gone since i know these engines run hot. i removed the little drain plug thats on the driver side rear end of the engine block and no coolant came out. should coolant flow easily through that little port or should it just drip a little? i also wanted to know what the black tube is thats on the passenger side rear of the engine? im not sure if thats supposed to be a vent tube or not but it also looks clogged. i want to remove it and clean it out but i wanted to ask on here first to make sure thats something that needs to be free of any debris. i attached a picture showing the black tube im talking about thats on the rear side of the engine under the exhaust/intake manifold. id appreciate any help i can get from anyone!!


thank you.


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your carburetor metal heat shield is installed wrong, the part with the hole goes over and upwards over the exhaust manifold, your road dfraft tube angles rearwards and clamps onto a bracket that mounts to the rear lower corner of the engine block, are you going to use the 1953 Pontiac power steering pump and related parts ?


Charles L. Coker

1953 & 1954 Pontiac

Technical Advisor

Pontiac Oakland Club International

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Yes the black tube needs to breathe. it looks like there is a filter in it. Air enters on the other side of the engine by the oil cap, partially helped by the radiator fan. The air exits through the black tube.


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Thank you for all the replies. Yes, my car is a chieftain. That picture is just for reference only, not my actual engine. So it's a breather tube then. I'll be taking off and cleaning it out tomorrow


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coolant should squirt out and almost hit the frame if not clogged. 


take the drain petcock completely out of the block and probe with a small wire.


if you get a lot of muddy water you still have sediment in the block. 


if you can, shoot your pressure washer in there until it runs clean. fill with water and drive. then repeat flush. the heat will help loosen the sediment. may have to do this a few times. 


hard to get completely clean without pulling the head or the freeze plugs. 


if you are OK with current temperature, just drive and flush occasionally. 


I cleaned my block with compressed air.  this block was sitting dry for 2 years and head was off. I think you can do ok with multiple flushing.


hope this helps.


welcome to the forum..... 

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