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For Sale: 1948-1979 Horseless Carriage Club of America Gazette (HCCA) Magazines. Great Brass Reading!

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Here is a nice group of early HCCA Gazettes.


-Complete 1954 Issues 1 through 6
-Complete 1969 Issues 1 through 6
-Complete 1979 Issues 1 through 6
-Singles: 1948 #3, 1950 #1, 1953 #4, 1954 #2, 1977 #6

These are great, early HCCA issues that are super fun to collect and read.

The price for the 23 issues is 120.00 INCLUDING shipping (they are heavy!) in the USA.

Please call me at 734-730-4274 or email directly at: motoringicons@hotmail.com








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Thanks for the info.


Unfortunately, I'm in Canada, and you'd probably lose money at $100 to ship them here.    Only way is to ship them is to Sweetgrass, MT for pickup, except I'd want to combine it with other heavy items I'd have to pick up there to make the trip only once. 



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