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Does anyone have an exploded view of 1956 Jaguar carburetors?

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SU carburettors are among the simplest to maintain. About all you need to do is occasionally clean our any dirt in the float bowl. I cannot understand why someone with such limited knowledge would think about totally dismantling anything. I am sure that there are any amount of experts who will put it back together for a relatively small fee. Even if they "go over the top" it should not cost any more that one or two hundred dollars.

Perhaps next time he will have learnt the old saying.  If it ain't broke why "Fix it".

There is another saying that I cannot remember "Something about the number of idiots in the world!

"Perhaps he should limit his activities to cleaning the spark-plug in his lawn mower." 


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Rapier, that’s pretty raw don’t you think? Not sure about you but some if my restoration projects last for several years. Unless I took numerous photos and made lots of notes as I went and then was able to file everything properly, I sometimes forget how I took things apart. It’s a good thing we have this group of helpful members with an accumulated knowledge of an encyclopedia on these cars!

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Just be sure he has the timing right before he fires it up.  I lost my eyebrows to a 120 backfire thru the carbs. As Monte Python would say, "I got better".


William Lyons

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On 8/21/2023 at 6:58 PM, keiser31 said:

HELP! A friend needs some exploded views of the carburetor. He took it apart and forgot how to assemble it. Thank you in advance. John

Picture 27314.jpg

Have the jet 1.78mm under the carb.bridge

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DSCN7570.jpg.366b4e308a198b9fb5099957f566b527.jpgFirst thing to discover is if it has SU or Solex carburettors, there is a vast difference between the two. They usually have the makers brand on the float bowl top.

At different times Jaguar used both types.


While not a Jaguar engine, this twin overhead cam engine is similar to a Jaguar.

It is fitted with twin SU Carburettors which may help you identify the type of Carb on your friends Jaguar engine.


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On 10/1/2023 at 5:39 PM, demco32 said:

Have the jet 1.78mm under the carb.bridge

There has never been solex Carburetors on a Jaguar XK in the '50.


Go to the  manufacturer  website https://burlen.co.uk/

For the xk 140 you should have 1.85mm under the carburetor bridge to start with if you have a 3.4l engine.

Disconnect the gas spindle so each carburetor can work separately

Then fire up the engine and wind in the screw on the throttle valve so the engine can idle.

Lift up the damper like 10mm and if the rpm go up a little bit and than keep the same the fuel mixture is ok.

If not , lower the jet a bit.

Next you need an airflow meter and check the airflow that the engine suck and do that with the screw on the throttle valves.

Before you do this work check the ignition timing and the valve clearance.

Inlet should be 0.10 and exhaust 0.15

If this xk is an SE type that come with the 'c-type' cylinder head the inside should be  red.

I have the shop manual for the xk but the book from Bernard Viart is better a better more complete.






IMG_4308 (2).jpg

IMG_4935 (2).jpg

IMG_4936 (2).jpg

IMG_4937 (2).jpg

IMG_4938 (2).jpg

IMG_4939 (2).jpg

IMG_4940 (2).jpg

IMG_4941 (2).jpg

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