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1964 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88

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Although I have refurbished and restored many cars over the years I have always valued nice originals. Back in late 1969 I was still a Ford man like my father, my first car was a 55 Ford Victoria and I had an expensive multi-year hop-up project going on a 1964 Ford Galaxie XL. I loved that XL but there was always something wrong with it! During it's last motor-out repair I had the opportunity to buy a 1964 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 4 door hardtop as a driver. It had maybe 80 some thousand miles on it but it ran great and had a very nice dark green vinyl interior. Living in the Chicago area at that time, the average six year old daily driven car already showed rusted out spots and pitted trim but this car had no rust and the chrome was excellent. It had the 394 two barrel Rocket V-8, Roto Hydramatic transmission, power steering and brakes, wonderful heater,  a nice sounding radio and a rear speaker!


This was the first General Motors car I had ever driven and I was truly amazed by the smooth ride, high torque engine and even the weird shifting Roto. I put the XL back together and quickly sold it. The summer of 1970 I drove this car from Illinois to Denver, CO and back on vacation. I was wishing it had air conditioning but it was trouble free and even fairly economical compared to my previous Fords.  This car hooked me on Oldsmobiles and led me to own 17 in my lifetime. More to come.

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When I got this car it looked well worn with dull paint and a few surface rust marks along the bottom edge. It was the first car I had owned that had factory lacquer paint and I was amazed at how it rubbed out to a high gloss. For the bottom, I bought some matching lacquer and applied it with an electric sprayer probably designed for staining fences. It went on rough but I wet sanded and buffed it by hand and it looked surprisingly good! 


I don't remember having to do too much mechanical work on this car - a carb rebuild, tuneup, adjustment of the trans linkage (well explained in a Chilton manual!) but not much else. Though my project cars were all coupes I really liked the convenience and comfort of the four-door body. I drove it for a couple of years and many miles and replaced it with a 64 Jetstar 1 coupe - my second Oldsmobile. Sorry, these are all the pictures I have of this car.

IMG_0004 (2).jpg

IMG_0005 (2).jpg

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