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1937 Ford Flatbed Dualie

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My wife has family in a small town in central Vermont. Over the last few years I’ve passed this truck many times on the way from her sister’s house to a larger town a few miles up the road. This truck has been active at the owner’s place since I first spotted it in 2020. On our latest trip to VT last week I saw a For Sale sign leaning on the nearly flawless grill and decided to stop by to look at it. The owner came out of the building in the background and we had a long conversation that included antique tractors since he had a 1935 John Deere in the building that he (of course) restored himself.


There are two types of Vermonters - the original self-reliant, down to earth mechanically capable, like John in this case, and everyone else, many of whom are relative newcomers to this pastoral state. I could run an entire thread on “everyone else”.


The truck is unrestored, except an engine overhaul. John started it within 2 revolutions and it purred. If I didn’t have two collector vehicles in my garage already, this one would have come home with me from this trip - driven to Missouri at 50mph exclusively on 2-lane blacktop roads over several days. I know a Christian youth horse camp not far from my house that would benefit from this old timer.





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12 hours ago, mikewest said:

Yes I think you are right.  10k seems like the number  if you wanted it. 

I would not have paid more than $8k.

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