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1930 Chrysler Model 70 Brougham

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1 hour ago, Tim Wolfe said:

We have a 1930 Chrysler 70, 2 door Brougham and wondered if anyone else has one. Ours is all original, no repaints, runs and drives. Early production with pennon louvered hood and 218 cu in engine.

What? No photos?

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The Model 70 Brougham was known for its luxurious features, elegant styling, and advanced engineering for its time. As a closed-body car, the Brougham offered comfort and privacy to its passengers, making it a popular choice among affluent buyers of that era.

Due to the rarity and historical significance of the 1930 Chrysler Model 70 Brougham, it is often sought after by vintage car collectors and enthusiasts. Restoring and preserving such a classic automobile requires attention to detail, dedication, and access to authentic parts.

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But, does anyone else own one?

We also own a 1930 Model 70 Royal Coupe that we show at AACA and Concours d'Elegance shows. Brougham was built a few days after the coupe and signed off by the same inspector according to the build sheets. It will stay all original as funds prevent a restoration.

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