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1941 Lincoln V 12

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I have a 1941 Lincoln V12 and it has a severe overheating problem. I have installed a rebuilt engine, a new radiator, added two electric fans to the radiator and replaced the water pumps twice; the last time with two pumps and a radiator taken off another car that runs cool.

It seems to make no difference using thermostats or not. If you let it idle when cold it will run about fifteen minutes and then go into a violent boil. If you drive it about forty miles an hour it doesn't boil but it runs on the high side of normal and if you stop at a traffic light it goes into a boil after about one minute.

I have checked the water jacket and it is very clean. The engine runs very well with no skips and seems to have power. I have checked the cooling system with a block check for c/o and it is negative.

The head gaskets have some of the holes smaller than the holes in the block and the heads are from a 1939.

If anyone can shed some light on this I would like to hear from them.

Eddie Adams

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