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Exhaust Manifold For 1940 Pontiac Deluxe , 6 cil ,inline,flathead

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Also Early Times Chapter, it's all Flathead Pontiac (and Oakland). http://www.earlytimeschapter.org/


Try California Pontiac Restoration and see if that have anything. Call them. Checking online doesn't really accomplish much. 714-245-9800 .


About 2 years ago @VW4X4 had a bunch of rusty but whole parts engines on a farm near Pittsburgh. There were 2 Pontiac sixes out there. They were 1949-1954 because they had the timing marks up front. I don't know if the exhaust manifolds would be the same, but as slowly as those engines changed over the years it wouldn't surprise me. I don't have a new enough parts book to look it up. It might be worth shooting him a PM and see if he still has the engines.






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Caution: The Pontiac parts book is showing different part numbers for the six cylinder exhaust manifolds in those years. I would look for a manifold from a 1939-1940 with the part number 503590 (second line from the top). I don't know what the differences are in the manifolds. Just be sure you're getting the correct one for your application. 



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