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Cracked Block on 1924 24/45

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Well it wasn’t expected but will have to be dealt  with, after “Hot Tank” cleaning a crack was discovered in the water jacket of the cylinder casting affecting #2 & #3 cylinders approximately 8” in length. I don’t believe these engines have a pressure cooling system so I think if the proper epoxy is used and the area prepped properly it might work. A cold type repair wouldn’t have any warping caused by heat and requiring machining after the repair that could be caused by welding. I sure would appreciate any honest opinions and even better experience with this problem.          John Nelson



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John - I am the owner of the 1921 Buick that had 2 large water jacket cracks fixed that EmTee referred to in the posting above.  Read through my 1921 Revival Saga thread and message me with any questions you may have.  I thought that the cracks in my block would be near impossible to fix and I was wrong.  My cracks were cold stitched and the water jacket sealed up by an expert (Frank Casey).  I was very happy with the results.  The linked thread in the above post by EmTee has before and after photos of both cracks. 


Your engine block looks like it could be cold stitched as well.  Postal mail Frank Casey (his contact info is in the above referenced thread) some pictures of your block and your name and number.  Then talk to him about your block after he gets the photos.  Frank does not use email.  It is worth your effort just to discuss things with him.  Don't rush into any repair decisions on your engine.  Good luck.  Pete

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I was very fortunate that a fellow AACA member posted that he had a 24 and a 25 Buick engine that he was trying to find a home for and I picked up an engine from him. It had been sitting outside for a very long time and upon getting it home and pulling the head I saw the cylinders appeared to be in very good condition. The lower end of the engine was seized apparently from being run without sufficient oil but after removing the cylinder casting and thoroughly cleaning it I took it to a machine shop and had it magna fluxed and the bores measured. “No Cracks” and the bores were within spec’s. Thanks again to “2nd Gen. Collector!!! The engine overhaul is back on track!

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