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'68 GS 400 heater blower motor


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My question is: What is the difference between a blower fan motor that is for A/C and one not for A/C? Our car has factory A/C and I can't seem to find an HVAC blower motor to purchase. All I have found are listed as w/o - a/c. Thank you for any and all help.


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Not an expert but A/c cars seemed to have a "bigger" fan than non A/C cars back in that period. 

Also within GM they were pretty much the same. .... between divisions and models. 

We put fans from A/C cars in Corvairs to get better defrosting. 

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The fan motor is mounted to the HVAC box under the hood but way out to the right side.  So far out it is under the passenger side front fender.  Not sure about 68 but for 69 the factory manual says to remove the pass side inner fender well to access the fan motor.  I have heard of people cutting a suitable sized access hole in that same inner fender.  But it seems to me that for the trouble cutting a hole that size, and then patching it up, would cause I'd be inclined to drop the inner fender entirely.  You can also remove the passenger side front fender if you want but that really takes a lot of work.  Remove or secure open hood, remove or at least lower the front bumper and headlight door to get hidden bolts.  Not an easy prospect in either case.  


Does your fan work at all?  If so perhaps you just need a new rheostat which is located on the HVAC box cover in an accessible place next to the a/c expansion valve.

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