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Time for a new thread? Buicks and Watercraft’s?

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From a previous 36-38 Buick Club tour in Wilmington NC, I have a lot of photos of Buicks ON watercraft. This one shows a backup ferry in the background, while the Buicks are on a ferry having just departed Southport NC for Fort Fisher across the River.


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54 on the ferry in VA.  The ferry is now not operating. Last  picture is waiting for the ferry.  BTW, this was a cruise with a local club. They laughed when I pulled up that morning. Said the DeSoto meet was last week.  All in the club drive late 60-70s cars.  This old girl not only kept up but lead the pack once off the ferry.  First on first off right? The 264 three speed ran 200 miles that day without issue.  I did not join this club after the off handed comment. I'll be darned.  A classic is a classic. Buick proud. 








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