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Wheels alignment specification


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Hi all,

I need to replace the tires on my 58 and I want to have them aligned, but I can't find the specs so that the technician can enter the specs in his machine.

Where can I find these specs, I search on the web but no luck.

Thank you



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Good that the tech knows how to enter the values into his alignment computer!  Many either don't know how or want to do that.  Realize, too, that those specs are for the bias-ply tires of "back then", rather than modern radial tires, much less the bias-belteds we had in the 1970s.


Radials like "minimum tow-in", which is less than we normally set things at back then.  Camber and caster can be "to taste", but many like "max caster" for better highway stability.  With, of course, the slight differences side to side.


The toe-in setting is kind of like setting "pre-load" into something which moves, such that when it moves, it is "as it should be" for decreased tire wear.  As road-load is applied to the front tires, they want to move rearward, so the static toe-in allows for that.  Under such road-load, the end result is they are slightly toed-in for good stability, but not enough to cause wear issues.  Radials have lower rolling resistance so they need to be toward the min-spec or very close to "0" toe-in.


Headed toward "max caster" will add a bit of steering "feel" into the mix, plus also aiding steering return from corners, too.


Camber needs to be close to "0", also.  Some side-to-side differences can exist, too.


IF you are putting repro bias-ply tires on the car, the factory specs should be followed.  If you are putting radials on it, you might run what I have mentioned by the alignment tech and see what he thinks.  Then go from there.




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