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8 hours ago, 190bear said:

Has Alex Huppe quit hosting the website or can I just not find the contact info?

I don't see the contact info on the home page.


However it is marked "© 2023 Alex Huppé, created with Wix.com" so I would say he still is.

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I finally have my 14 Model A done and nowhere to talk about it. So I'll bore people here with some pictures.


I can bore people with stories too. I was buying a carbide generator from a lady I just met through a mutual friend yesterday. Part of the conversation sounded like a scene right out of "Dumb and Dumber".  I mentioned "I have a Saxon".  "We had a Saxon. What year?" she said. "1914" "Ours was 1914" "Mine has wire wheels and a two speed transaxle" "So did ours" And on it went. We were best friends after 5 minutes. I don't know when they sold it, but we both live in Longmont, CO. She said it went to Michigan or Minnesota and was beige and brown 


IMG_3119 (2).JPG


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