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How not to get scammed - use common sense to prevent getting scammed before you buy

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A day doesn't go by that another person posts of a new scam or scammer. I get it. They exist. I get you're frustrated and want to share. But littering this forum with scam/scammer posts isn't going to fix the problem for you or others. Take personal responsibility. Use common sense. There are bad people out there.


The forum prevents new users from sending private messages SPECIFICALLY to prevent scammers from joining to respond to "want to buy" ads. You will NOT get a private message from a new user until they've posted at least 10 times.  Regardless - just because a forum user responds to your ad doesn't mean they are legitimate. It remains your responsibility to determine if a seller is real/honest.


NOTE: Posting your phone or email in a "want to buy" ad is fine, but know scammers will contact you that way, even if they are NOT a forum user.



  • Do your homework - this forum will not do it for you
  • Talk to the seller on the phone, or better yet, in person.  Alternatively do a video call and have them show you the car or part. If that is not possible find someone in the area who can do it for you. (That's what the forum is for!) 
  • Get photos and videos.  Photos can be stolen on the internet so validate the photos are theirs, ie. include a business card or drivers license in the photo for example
  • Don't send money without being 100% certain you are going to get the car or part you expect
  • This forum and the moderators are not going to confirm the validity of a potential seller. Thats your job.  





Caveat Emptor
"The principle that the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of goods before a purchase is made."

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    Paying heed to these red flags will prevent you from being scammed more often than not.


    • The item/price is too good to be true  (It probably is)
    • They don't know anything about the item
    • They can't talk on the phone
    • They can't take photos
    • The item is in another location
    • They insist on ONLY communicating via email, text messages or other services like FB messenger or WhatsApp.
    • Payment is their primary conversation and priority.
    • Payment method is shady.  (western union, bitcoin, etc.)
    • Payment is to be sent via PayPal or a cash app, but to a different email or phone 
    • They want a downpayment NOW because they have another buyer they'll sell it to if you don't.
    • They don't want a check mailed to them, ie because they wont give you an address
    • It belongs to their long lost second cousin/grandmother/neighbor/friend
    • They're in the military and the item is on a transport
    • Seller pulls your heartstrings because they need the money
    • They are unwilling to provide a tracking number as part of the sale



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