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A little help with Mr TinIndian :-)

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Ok  Maybe I am missing something here but  here goes  .......


Since buying my 1931 401 later part of last year in some what poor shape but I have seen worse.....


I have spent a lot of time reading most of the posts related to 26 - 32 Pontiacs


I have been very impressed by all of the posts people refer to from TinIndian  always right on......   I believe I read some place he is a tech advisor for a group someplace (I can no longer find that post)


I am confused because all the posts that seem to be from him just say Guest  what am I missing ??


Any way after having the trans out, removed mouse nest from clutch, whole fuel system, valve job (2 exh very burnt) tuneup stuff, all seats redone, all lube changed I had a great final road test yesterday after 30 years this 31 is back on the road..


Bill NJ

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