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Here is a interesting ad for you Buick guys.

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Description and photos for posterity:


Seller's Description:

Buildings  -  $500  · In stock  -  Garden & Outdoor  -  Listed in Burley, ID

These were mink sheds. Going to remove the front part of a couple of them. Maybe 30 feet. They are 12’ wide. You are responsible for moving or tearing them down.

  • Okay for everyone who is asking about the Buick. It is a 1928, it is all original. And complete
  • I would sell it for $10k. If you are still interested come and look at it. It is a good buy.









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An ex girlfriend of mine was from Burley, there is a park in Burley named after her grandfather. She was a pretty girl, tall, long blond hair, very nice figure. I guess we need to talk about cars on here. I remember some stuff in a car.😊 thanks for the memories this morning, nice Buick.😂

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I think I saw that car for sale some time ago. Correct that it's just a parade car now....

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