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3.42 was included with the GS option, or could be ordered separately.  The vast majority of the 2nd generation were built with the 3.08 (open) rear gear.  Unlike the 1st generation that used a removable 3rd member, the 2nd generation uses an integral housing, so changing the ratio is more complicated, but possible.  The hard part will be finding a new 3.42 gearset.  I wouldn't recommend trying to install a used ring and pinion in your axle; even if it is set up properly it will likely whine.  The best option is to find a complete 3.42 axle and swap the entire assembly.  The big problem will be locating one and even if you do, it could be hundreds of miles away.


Honestly, I think the 3.08 is a good all-around ratio.  It is obviously better at highway speeds, but even around town the torque of the 430 coupled with the switch-pitch ST-400 gets my Riviera up to speed in short order.

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