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1951 Lincoln Cosmopolitan Convertible Qs

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This is my 1st post to this Forum....


I recently purchase this 51 from a museum. It was sitting for years looking pretty but not maintained. 


1st, I want to make sure my 51 is suitable for this Forum to ask technical questions.


I have 2 beginner questions.....


How to check and add break fluid?


How to check and add hydraulic fluid to convertible and power windows?




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The opening for the master cylinder is under the carpet. The master cylinder is under the floor and the filler opening in accessed from inside the car.


Here is a photo of the pump for the windows, seat and top. The reservoir is the large aluminum colored pot held in place by the black wire. Be careful to support the pot when pushing the wire bail to remove the pot. If there is any fluid left in the pot, it will destroy any paint that it touches. For the first time, I would cover everything under and behind it with a plastic masking sheet.



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I filled the hydraulic Pot with ATF and low and behold the top works and one of the windows works. Any ideas what the other three Windows could be wrong? Also where do I check and filled transmission fluid?

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Right now you have a big mess and are probably going to have the hydraulic cylinders rebuilt. ATF will mix with brake fluid and make a crystalized mess inside the cylinders. I would flush the system with denatured alcohol and check for leaks.


You need to buy the Overhaul manual and an owners manual before you start adding fluids. You could destroy the Hydramatic if you add the incorrect fluid. The Hydramatic takes type A fluid and you should not add to what is in the transmission. You should drain the old fluid, change the filter and add fresh type A fluid.


Take it slow and read and reread instructions until you understand every word. Trying to get it back on the road in a hurry could cost you a lot of money that you would not have had to spend if you took your time and understood what you are working with.

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