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Maxwell collectors estate PNW


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I am currently liquidating a Seattle Area Maxwell  car collectors stuff. We have a 1917 Roadster and a 1917/20 Sedan Chassis and lots of parts.  all Pat at 2062276416 




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Since he hasn't been back after the original post and hasn't responded to my suggestion to recheck the serial numbers I'd say he expects anyone interested to call the number. Glad he's not handling MY estate.


Howard Dennis

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Pat, The roadster appears to be a 1922 with smooth top fenders. The chassis serial number should be stamped on top of the front cross member, close to drivers side rail, and just behind the radiator. It should be in the 337,000 to 355,000 range. The engine serial number is located on drivers side of block, close to the water inlet. The engine number, for this year, will be approximately 15,000 higher than the chassis number.

The sedan chassis is 1925 based on the steering box and column. The front engine mount should be on a small transverse leaf spring. The chassis number should be stamped on the lip of the rear cross member, close to drivers side frame rail. It is not always visible - due to exposure and rusting. If it is visible it will be in the 476,000 to 540,000 range. The original engine number will be about 35,000 higher than the chassis.

The dash panel in the other picture is for a 1923-24 car.

Dave Gurney

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