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Prewar Brake Shoe Return Springs #677466

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I thought it would be simple to order some front brake springs for my 42 Dodge but it has turned into a research project that I still have no clue. 

My 42 Dodge front brakes are a single cylinder with dual pistons just like most 42 Chrysler C34 DeSoto and Plymouth.  These used 1 return spring #677466 pulling from both shoes close to the cylinder. This appears to be the Spring used for Chrysler, DeSoto and Dodge 6 cylinders and a few early 8 Cyl Chryslers.


The 7 passenger cars and C36 and C37 had 2 Cylinders in the front (one upper and one lower.  According to my books they still only had 1 spring # 854059 (18 coil) but I don't know how they were placed to return both shoes   


The 7 passenger rears and C36 and C37 were single cylinder dual piston and used spring #854049 (26 coil)

Plymouth was a single cylinder dual piston but used Spring #301477


According to my D19, D22, D24 shop manual the 41, 42 and 46-48 Cars had 11" drums except for the 42, and 46-48 7 Passenger had 12"


After the war Dodge went to 2 cylinders on each front brake and 2 #854059 Springs on each wheel.  Each sping  has one end attached to the the other shoe but one end is near the pivot which doesn't move much and the other end is near the expanding cylinder.


In my mind Springs that work on single cylinder (dual pistons) have to  stretch more and also have to return more than springs that only return a single Cylinder.  Springs for 12" drums would seem to be 1" longer than for 11" drums


I don't know what size drums Plymouth used from 1928 to 42 to know if the #301477 would work.  I'm just not believing the #854059 is the right spring like the ones listed on Ebay hint


It seems like spring #677466 has no replacemnt.


Has anyone found a good answer? Looking at Andys site he shows one spring covering 28-47 All Mopars.  I assume they had different part numbers for a reason.

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6 hours ago, VW4X4 said:

This guy is not an expert by any means.  He has been known to sell all kinds of things that don't ft your vehicle.

I would consider any info. on his site to be completely useless.



I just feel all the sites seemed to be doing the same thing and saying good enough.  I found similar info on Robert's and other Mopar sites.  Seems to have fallen into the cracks.  The parts manuals that cover many years seem to have caused the confusion such as they show a  spring # 854059 working on the front of a 42 Dodge but fail to mention 7 passenger only in 42.  Because they went to 2 cylinders and 2 springs per wheel after the war they did switch to that spring.  but 38 -42 Dodge, Desoto and Chrysler  6 mostly used the #677446.  The bigger Chryslers used the other spring but again the multi year books don't cover it real well.  Better with the 35-42 books.  But either way I have not been able to locate the ones I think I need.

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18 hours ago, VW4X4 said:

What year is this car?  Does not look like a 36 to me. Upper control arm is not correct and ether is the shock?


Eric, mine is a 1942 Dodge. Some Chrysler used the same return spring 677446, but not 1936. 

According to my Chrysler Master Parts  List 1936-1942

1936  C7 and C8 used 651767. Also Desoto 1936 S1,(ex deluxe after 6052846 switched to 301477 on rear), 1937 S2,  

1936 C9, C10 and C11 used 653607.   

1937 C14 and C16 used 301477.  Also Desoto 1936 S1,(deluxe after 6052846 switched to 301477 on rear), 1937 S3

1937 C15, used 667673. 

1937 C17  used 653607. 

1938 C18, C19 used 677446. along with 1939 C22 and C23, 1940 C25, 1934 C34 (ex 7 pass & Limo), 1941 C28 and 1942 C34 (ex 7 pass & Limo). Also Desoto 1938 S5, 1939 SS6, 1940 S7, 1941 S8, 1942 S10 (ex 7 pass & Limo) 

1938 C20 used 653607 along with 1939 CC24

1940 C26, C27 used 854059 on the front wheels and 854049 on the rear wheels along with 1941 C30, C33, 1942 C34 (7 sedan & Limo), C36 & C37. 1942 Desoto S10 (7 pass & Limo) used this set up too. Possibly 1946 - 53 Chrysler, Dodge Desoto  too

I wish I knew if any numbers interchanged.  I don't know if the difference was number of coils.  I believe after the war many went to a 2 cylinder setup and a totally different spring.


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