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Cylinder head type 1 question


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Hi, On my son's 1600 motor.Someone took it apart and I'm getting ready to put it back together soon.I've got the nuts and washers that came off in a container and trying to sort them out.It appears that the nuts that go on the head studs are of two different sizes( same thread size though) and I don't see any lockwashers. Are they not required?Some of the thick washers ,four of them are also missing.Thanks

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Hi Buick35, I'm no Engine Gearhead, but I believe the lock washers that were used on the rockers were the WAVE style, that were spring loaded. Maybe you could call one of the VW engine rebuilding shops and ask them or get a copy of the "How to repair your VW Bug for complete Idiot" in local library or on ebay. Best Wishes

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