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1918 White Model TBC Truck Unrestored

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81363B2E-6F96-46A5-AB11-EAB548B56577.jpeg.8b211dd08da0a53791fab0a59c464dcf.jpeg08E0E252-0B5A-4B97-A6A1-4CE87B4A07AE.webp.2ab26d838b15c8ce3b5aa3186b8a5fcf.webpB822AC40-419A-4EDF-87F7-965F4BE5A3CE.jpeg.e40069e8192e17c6014f9a94d219b6a1.jpeg7FA57DF4-7EC3-4196-812E-B2094EBAF758.webp.d96659115e2bb0d8573c5638aba0e467.webpF1ACF017-D438-4625-9F17-A0163C9B4D10.webp.b6d7bfab2a5929c20030598f890336bf.webp07857A2B-4F9C-4A37-B346-20F28A831ED2.webp.061432d6b54ddab7b67988780d0faf2a.webpi bought a 2 owner 1918 white truck, amazing enough the owner bought the car in 1947 at the age of 14.  i'm new to the White auto brand and would like to preserve the car as original as possible. i'm told the truck is original paint, original upholstery and original engine.  Looks like 2 of the 4 tires are original. Any information you can give me or issues you see please tell me. I would like to show the car in preservation class.  rudy@rodriguez-duret.com









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Hello, it’s a nice truck. I was watching the auction, but decided to pass on bidding due to distance. Trucks are fairly simple, and easy to work on, If you need help, just ask. Below are my two White cars………..earlier than your truck.






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6 minutes ago, Rudys Toy Store said:

Nice!!! Question does the paint look original 

Yes…… I’m in West Palm Beach, are you in Coral Gables?


The color on the truck was one of the three standard factory colors.


Those god awful signs on the truck need to come off………

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I agree, the signs have to go! I'm planning to give it a high end detailing to preserve it's original glory. is their anything you see I might have to change so keep it original? How many of these trucks have been sold? I couldn't find any online. 

Have you tired to register yours at PB or Amelia? i'm in Coral Gables 

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I will send you a PM……..private message. You can’t send them yet because you’re too new to the forum. Look at the top to see the mail icon……..Ed.

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Hello. Congratulations on a very valuable purchase. It's just a miracle that the car was preserved in such an authentic state. Some time ago I asked here for information about a very close aggregate for my project.

The good guys really helped me figure out some things, but of course there are still a lot of questions. Please tell me, did you manage to get the appropriate manual or handbook along with the car? And if you are planning to make videos or photos from a lower angle for any purpose, please, if possible, post these materials here as well. I'm very interested in the chassis and now mainly the exact position of the units inside the frame.

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