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I don’t know what other forums to post this on so I came back on here to see if anyone can help me out. Ebay has not had these since 2013 and 2019. I have never seen anymore ever since. They sell from $20-$35 each I have seen. Most don’t have VHS players anymore but I do still so playing them will be good for me if anyone has them to sell.


First one is 1988 Buick Action Library

Second one is 1989 Buick Action Library


Both are training kits that were sold to dealerships so the salesman can learn about the new options that were available on the Buick models. These were cool to see and if anyone still has them it’s even better because I will be looking forward to having them. They will be going to an 1988 and 1989 Buick Regal enthusiast. I already have several rare albums in my collection now from 1989 since I already own an 89 myself. So these would be such a good addition to my collection.



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