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Rear Fender Stone Gaurd, 46 Ford Woodie

IMK Wood

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No one is reproducing them at this time. Bob Drake was the supplier that had them, but they have been on "backorder" for a long time. You need to just keep on looking and hope to find them sitting on some shelf somewhere. Good luck in your search.

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IMK, I made several phone calls to my fellow members in the NWC and all basically said the same thing, not available anywhere. It's just one of those things that cost a lot to reproduce and not many sell. When I attend a flea market, I now purchase anything Woodie related that I see for sale. I ran into the same situation with the anti-rattle, rubber balls that are on the tailgate hangers for 1940-1948 Fords. At one time I was reproducing the hangers and each set takes four balls. I have sold over 36 sets, but ever since Ed Clarke passed away, I cannot find the balls anywhere. I researched having the balls made but the cost of making a mold and finding a place to make the balls is just way to much money and I would probably need to deal with China and I refuse to do that. Keep searching!

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