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Classic Lincoln Wanted

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I am looking for a Lincoln or another large classic automobile to restore. I prefer something made between 1929 and 1937. First choice would be a convertible or phaeton. Does anyone have a project car that they are tired of working on? I am looking for a solid car mostly there. Can be apart. Please email me info and pics if available to pint4@new.rr.com.


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Dear Pint4,

There are a LARGE number of places to look for the car you want, but YOU will have to do some research. The right car may not be offered to you on a platter. Most of us already have the right car(s) and are looking more for advice on maintenance and restoration than for a car to purchase. I would suggest that you start with the buy/sell section of this AACA forum. Failing that, take a look at www.lzoc.org and/or www.lcoc.org. There are several early Lincolns for sale there. Then there's Hemmings Motor News, trader-on-line, deals-on-wheels, ebay, and a myriad of other places to look for cars. "Let your fingers do the walking!"

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