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1921 Dodge Brothers spare tire carrier bolt size in rear of body.

Don Jr.

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Hi. I mounted the rear fenders to see what needs to align up. I got the body right over the correct holes in the frame. I installed the disc wheel spare tire carrier. I am missing the bolt that attaches the top of the carrier to the body center bolt hole. Looks like it is a 7/8 inch fine thread in the body. Is this correct. Thanks.

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Got another look at this hole in the rear of the body. It is a 3/4 inch by 16 thread. I looked on line and see there is a special bolt installed into the rear of the body with the 3/4 fine thread into body and a shoulder to bottom bolt out then it narrows down to believe 7/16 thread to go thru the spare tire carrier arm and a nut.  Are these available anywhere? 

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12 hours ago, 30DodgePanel said:

Isn't it easier to copy and paste the hyperlink like this ?

Myers Early Dodge


ROMAR Home Page (romardb.com)


I'm not even sure how you did that Mark lol...

how did you do that?

Did a copy and paste from the search page. Never have done the hyperlink thing like yours, all my link copy and paste look like what I did above. Works but just more text showing than yours. :)

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Thank you for all the replies. I will mark info down and get my list and call vendors  as I need other parts too. Located the correct pad that sits under the body bolt holes (woven material about 3/8 inch thick) and deduced the correct nut and bolt assembly to tie body to the frame from my jumble of assorted nuts and bolts can. The body bolts are square headed 3/8 inch bolts with hexagon thick nuts. Our tech advisor filled me in on webbing for the frame ( 1/8 inch webbing ) and under the running board splash aprons. Had a remnant of the thinner frame webbing so that explains the two styles used back then.  Having a car all apart and in pieces is a puzzle for smaller nuts bolts and brackets. Motor and chassis was fun to sort out as far as the correct bolts but eventually got it. Appreciate all your help.

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