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Starter problem solved

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The starter on my 40’ Special Business Coupe would work and then not work. The starter relay was working but the solenoid was not.  It worked fine when bench tested.  Used a test light to make sure the starter was grounded and it was.  Worked before, didn’t do anything to it. One time when it wouldn’t work, I took the starter relay cover off, and then it worked. Put the cover back on, then it didn’t work. Removed the cover again, and it did not work again!  Frustrating to say the least.  Was going to try a better ground, with jumper cable from the neg. batt. terminal to the starter housing for a super ground.  Before I did that, I told my day that I would like to try it again. When I tried it, my dad saw a spark arc from the battery cable on the solenoid to the inside nut against the solenoid. The nut holding the cable on seemed tight but the inside nut was loose. Tightened the inside nut and then the nut holding the cable on, and now it works great. Has worked about 20 times now without a problem.  Hopefully this experience may help someone.  Tom4F7FD589-96EB-4585-A2F7-028C015ABF95.jpeg.7cb67d879596f47c8d4e7d7ec7c2c0fa.jpeg

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Oh those nasty problem connections on cars, intermittent problems are the worst to find, but when found you have a Ahh moment, you have a great feeling when problem is found and solved.


Thanks for the problems solved post.



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