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1925 REO Model E Roadster

John Bloom

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I love roadsters from the mid 20's up into that 1932 era.  I am also drawn to the smaller independent Makes.  What do the REO people say about this car? If the data base I use is correct, it is 120 inch WB with a 239 in 6 cyl.  A "T-6 sport roadster.   I saw a few examples on line in a different color scheme and thought they were pretty handsome.  




Unique vehicle and a rare opportunity to own such a marvelous classic!
1925 REO Model E Roadster. This vehicle has purchased brand new by the artist Leonard Gaspard. Pinnacle mountain auto are the 4th owners.
There has been a ton of work done on the REO since we purchased it including:
Rebuilt steering wheel spokes,  New spark plugs, removed and boiled and cleaned fuel tank, replaced fuel lines, installed freshly rebuilt original carburetor, installed 6V fuel pump for liability, repaired clock, install new 6V battery, repaired drivers rear shock strap.
The vehicle looks beautiful and runs very well!image.png.fcb9184684c20020b3f340f6d9bb8332.png 






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The REO club is your best source for information, but I can tell you what I know, since I am a member and have a 1922 T6 7 passenger Touring. Yours is technically a model U6, touring cars were model T and roadsters were model U. Beige body color was optional on roadsters only with nickled radiator shell and drum headlights were standard in 1925. Nice car...


Not sure about the Trippes... my opinion is they are too flashy for a Reo...

VIN of 87663 puts it in the 1926 range, but who cares...



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Frank, thanks for the input. That is helpful. I don’t know about the trippe lights. I’d say take them off and see if the cleaner look appeals to you.  Did most of the REO’s of this era have painted wooden wheels with pinstripes or was a natural wood finish common?



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According to my info, wheels were painted gray with pin stripes. Ford offered natural colored wheels as a replacement through dealers, so maybe Reo did also...



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