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1912 "F" Brush

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Thinking of selling this spring, but need some feedback from fellow Brush owners. Attached is an older photo of my project that started in 1979. Parts were needed, and most items have been found. The motor does not run yet, and the correct front fenders are still needed (have originals). Selling price is not fixed yet, and that is where I could use your feedback, either good or bad. More pictures in April when the snow clears.


Skip in MN.

Scan 132540004.jpg

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To answer a few questions so far;

      1  It is titled and licensed in MN.

     2. The interior is original.

     3. There are top bow irons that need restoration and replacement of top bow wood.

     4. A Selden Patent Plate was not issued for 1911 or 1912 Brush autos.

     5. The front headlight fork is missing, and there are no headlights either.

     6. Both drive chains are there.

Any more questions please ask anytime.


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On 5/27/2023 at 4:01 PM, Nash34 said:


Do you have your Brush for sale still? 


Not at this time. I am selling two other vehicles before the Brush. I will list the Brush on this site and locally later this summer or early fall. Thanks for asking. Skip

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Hello Skip

Thank for getting back. I am looking for one or two cyl car. I like to host a one and two tour in 2024. Need a car that more complete than REO project I have. It missing some key component but after 6 year of looking I am looking to find something that  is more complete project or older restoration. 

Keep me in mine.


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If interested, call or email me to come and see the vehicle.

Always open to offers, but I won't sell another auto without looking it over first.

Currently selling locally with an asking price of $20K.

Any questions, please contact me. 


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