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Marvel Carburetor Service Booklet 1929 Buick


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Hello. Where might one find a manual for my Marvel carburetor. My car is a 1929 Buick. I am looking for a list of jets and other components original to my carburetor. 10-105 throttle body. 10-707 float bowl housing.

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Go to the Buick Heritage Alliance web page and go to bottom of the page you can browse for, and purchase, copies of reference materials by year of your car. 




For 1929, I see an Reference Book (Owners Manual), Service Manual, Marvel Carburetor Overhaul Manual, and maybe the specific document you are searching for...The 1916-1932 Master Parts List for Marvel Carburetors.  




Any or all of these may help you.  Happy motoring - Pete

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I applaud your interest in preserving the original Marvel carb setup, its not the most efficient nor easy, but it can be tuned to work pretty well, surprisingly so.

Some info for you, I definitely agree with @IFDPete to get original spec docs, but in the meantime, maybe this info can help you confirm what is in the car now:






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