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1937 Buick steeringbox wormdrive removal

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Good day hope all are well. I have a 1937 Buick and i removed  the steering box and i need to remove the wormdrive on the inner shaft to fix it .Can anyone give me any  advice .

Would be much appreciated 

Thanks for now 


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Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. I have never worked on the steering box of any of my Buicks. I have sent one to Lares Corporation and had them rebuild it. Years ago, I needed to remove the worm gear from a Model A Ford steering shaft. I took it to a machine shop and had them press the worm gear off. Personally, If I had a problem with the steering gear on a 1937, I would either have it rebuilt by Lares Corporation (which is not cheap), or else I would see if Dave Tacheny had a replacement steering assembly to swap out, which would probablyl be a lot cheaper than a rebuild. You can best reach Dave by calling 763-427-3460 between 4 and 7 pm Central.


Other than that, as you have a 1937, I would be remiss if I did not invite you to check out the 36-38 Buick Club. You will find out more about the club at: http://www.3638buickclub.org/ If you contact me via the contact the webmaster form on the club website, I will be happy to email you a free sample .pdf issue of the club newsletter. 

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It has been a while since I did my '38 Buick and I believe '37 is the same.


To get the worm out, you fitst have to remove the roller shaft that connects to the pitman arm. Just take off the side plate.  the roller shaft should come right out after removing the pitman arm.

To get the worm and steering shaft out, remove all the parts at the bottom of the steering column - keep track of the parts as they come off. The bearings will come off too with that end plate. The stuff behind the end plate is a bit complicated.

The worm and shaft will then come out.

Reassembly is a bit more complicated because there is an eccentric sleeve that must be adjusted too.


The shop manual will be a big help

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Matt makes two excellent suggestions.

having dealt multiple times with Dave Tacheny, as having a complete rebuild done by Lares,

both are very good options, at least in my experience. 


Of course, If you're willing, and capable of doing the work yourself as Don outlines, I wish you the best.

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