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Question about series numbers

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My 35 is a 40 series the year before Buick have models named I believe.The next year the Century was so named because it was claimed to be able to achieve 100 mph.I wondered if that's why my 40 series was so designated. It is comfortable around 45.Dose 50,60&90 series hold true to speed vs. mph? Just curious as if that's how they came up with the model numbers.Thanks,Greg.

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IF you read the parts (and maybe service) manuals, it details the model numbers and designations.  Just as in later years.  Whether names were also used or not.  Purely for platform designations/wheelbase/engine size combinations.  No relation to ultimate top speed potential.




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4 hours ago, Buick35 said:

How did they come up with the numbers designations? Just curious.I heard a twenty something Chevy had a number depicting it's selling price.I forgot what,I think a 130?

You're referring to the 1915-1922 ( if I can trust my memory) "Chevrolet 490", the sales price of $490 being slighty less than Ford's Model-T at the time - so Ford lowered their price in response.


Buick's 40 Series was named "Special as of the 1936 model year,

50 became Super

60 was Century

80 (later 70) was Roadmaster

90 was Limited


hope this helps

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