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49 Plymouth special deluxe woodie wagon Suspension restomod?


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This site is much more oriented towards restoration than modification, you are going to get more people trying to talk you out of it than you are people trying to help you with it. I say it's your car and do what you want with it, but a place like the HAMB would be much more receptive to your project than this will be. Also, the wood body on your car is really not relevant to the kind of mechanical modification you want to make. Good luck!

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Or you could buy a Ford Explorer and add wood to it if you want a modern driving experience. That would be easier and less expensive. Sometimes I think people make this stuff up and post it to get a rise out of the purists on this forum. 

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Sure, there are several things you can do to make your car drive like a modern car. New independent front suspension, new rear, disc power brakes, power steering and new crate engine and trans, BUT WHY???? Please do not cut that beautiful '49 Plymouth Station Wagon apart. It is way too nice to modify, enjoy it for what it is. If a modern type driver is what you want, sell the '49 Plymouth and find a Wagon that needs work. One that would take too much money to restore and build it how you want. That way you are bringing back a car that might never get done and you saved the life of the '49 Plymouth.

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On 3/8/2023 at 11:54 AM, 49woodie said:

looking to possibly change out the suspension and drivetrain for a more modern feel with my 1949 Plymouth woodie suburban any suggestions or help to avoiding any pitfalls would be appreciated.




I am in the resto-mod camp and have done so to all of my woodies, except one. 


Go with a Mustang II front end, A Ford Explorer rear end, and Chevy 350 V8 and Chevrolet automatic tranny. That is the standard "resto-mod" recipe.


You will be able to drive anywhere in America without fear of over-heating and be able to drive down an interstate at 80 mph without problems. 


I have an international I am working on with a custom engineering Mustang II front end (they are out of business now) and a Ford Explorer rear end. I am putting in a '59 Straight 6 International engine with a 4 speed international manual tranny. 


Do WHAT YOU WANT. There are a lot of people who will say you are "ruining history" and to keep it stock. Well............................ haven driven stock woodies and restomods, there is no comparison. If you are just planning on driving your car around town and to shows, there is not much to be gained from resto-modding your car. If you plan to drive on longer trips, you need a more modern set up with a more powerful engine, disc brakes, and a modern suspension. Some of the older vehicles with split rim wheels are just plain dangerous to drive. Drum brakes in today's road conditions are not such a great idea. MANY of these vehicles are under powered and will overheat if you try to drive them in the mountains on a long road trip. 

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