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Chandler 1928 Roadster (31A maybe?)

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I have found a Chandler 1928 Roadster that I'm considering purchasing. But the buyer has not set a price and I don't know how much I want to pay(impossible to find any for sale to compare with). But here's a little about the condition: not original windshield, no convertible top (maybe there wasn't one for the Roadster?, don't see any mounts for the rack) no clutch pedal, no battery(so not started, don't know if it runs), no interior in the mother-in-law-seat (rumble seat), no radiator cap, no cover nuts for the rear wheels (or hub caps or what they are called), poorly upholstered seat, but the wooden frame seems to be in good condition and with minimal rust on the frame and bodywork(I can see one place which is rusted through). It is brush-painted in several places, so not a very good varnish. It has been put away since 1951. The pictures look better than in real life, do you have any idea what I should pay for it?






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Hard to tell, doesn't look like anyone did any welding at all anywhere on the car (maybe a pro did it), looks very original (but what do I know, this is the first Chandler I've ever seen). It has been put aside since 1951, so if it is rebuilt, it was done before, don't know how common it was at that time.

In pictures of all the Roadsters I've seen, they all have a convertible top.


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8 hours ago, Urbapapa said:

VIN number: 32447


Good that confirms it is a 1928 Model 31A. These days the Roadster Rumble Seat model is pretty rare, most surviving Chandler Cars are Touring cars or Sedans. That being said there are a lot of details missing from the car and will take a lot to restore it. Spare parts are few and far between. Which really means you should be able to negotiate a favorable price. Keep us posted.

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Thanks, then I wasn't too far from the truth with my guess.

I live in Sweden and the car was imported to Roskilde in Denmark in 1951, it was then sold to Sweden without being registered here (so it still has Danish papers and it has been in a barn since then) a while ago the owner passed away, his son then sold it to a person who lives near me.


Don't know where the missing parts went but the biggest problem seems to be spare parts but maybe you can help?


I'll see if I can negotiate a good price, I'll keep you posted.

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Looks like a really nice car. I've never even seen a picture of a late 20s Chandler 2-passenger, Roadster or Coupe, except, 15 years ago, someone had configured a speedster out of a 1926 Chandler, same rad shell. Is yours an 8 or a 6?

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On 3/9/2023 at 2:55 PM, Urbapapa said:

It's a 6.

The seller has received an offer of just over $20,000 which I think is quite high considering the condition and the missing parts, so we'll see...

I agree, the offer the seller has does not take into account all of the work the new owner will go through to find all of the missing parts.

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