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1940 Radiator


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Pretty basic question here, I have a stock 40 Super coupe and I notice the radiator cap has seen better days, however it's still functional. I ordered a replacement 7lbs cap from Bobs. Went to install it and it doesn't fit!. At the time I remember that the coil spring area was too thick and would not compress far enough to enable the cap to screw on. The radiator seems like it's the right size and fit. Could be the wrong neck on the radiator? Are Radiator caps not put together like they used to be? There's a website called B-O-P Parts that indicates the model number of the cap should be an R-6; does that sound correct? That website also indicates the R-6 cap is used for all 1940 models  What to do?

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According to the parts manual, all the caps are the same for your car, all series through 1948.  Sometimes you have to wonder if someone took parts out of a box to look at them and accidentally switched boxes.  


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I ordered the cap from Bob's because I felt they would have the right one. I will contact Stant and see if they can shine a little light on the situation.


But I have to wonder if the car could possibly have the wrong radiator because the radiator filler can vary in size. I have to admit that I have just about no experience with this issue.

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