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Gasoline gauge

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Paul- not sure what type of tank sender was used for 1924-5 Buick, suspect it is hydrostatic with King Seeley instrument panel gauge but just not sure.  In any event take pictures of what you have and talk to the folks at KM Lifestyle in Massachusetts.  They make various types of tank gauge units for early cars.  I bought a reproduction Atwater Kent hydrostatic unit for my 31 Buick from them and am anxiously awaiting spring to try it out.


KM Lifestyle Mfg. Fuel Senders Auburn, Buick, Cadillac,Chevrolet, Chrysler, De Soto, Dodge, Franklin Plymouth,Pierce Arrow,Studebaker (mykmlifestyle.com)



FT 019.jpg

FT 025.jpg

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If you have a Buick Standard, Myers Early Dodge has a replacement fuel gauge that will work.  More importantly they have the nickeled threaded bezel cap that holds all the parts to the gas tank.  You will have to ask for the Buick one.  If you are wanting to make it look like it came from Buick, you can replicate the gas gauge without too much trouble.   




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