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Hub cap wrench for a Buick wheel?.


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I have an extra hub cap wrench that looks just like the one for my 1925 Buick Standard, but this is larger.  The hubcaps are 8 sided, not 6 like a regular fastener.  I know the hubcap size increased in 1926 with the aluminum caps, but I do not know if this is correct for a later Buick or if it may also fit a Buick Master.  Does anyone have an idea if this fits a Buick?  Thank you     Hugh 



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    Thank you for the dimensions.  When I first saw it on Ebay, I bought it because it looked like the Buick wrench that I was supposed to have.  I figured that in a tool kit, no one would know that it did not fit.  Later I found the right size so this one got moved to the "find a new home" box.  I will put it with your speedometers to share the ride in the shipping box.       Hugh  

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