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1930 Lincoln Type 183 Sedan

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Sold new in San Francisco by Edward Lowe Motors on Van Ness Ave, but not until 1931.  The story that came with this car is that it sat in the dealership unsold until 1931.  The first owners didn't like the original factory green color scheme and agreed to purchase the car if the dealer repainted it dark blue with black fenders.  The green is still visible in a few areas where the blue paint is worn.  The body has never been repainted since, but all of the black was resprayed years ago.   The interior is mostly original with the front driver's seat reupholstered in a near perfect match to the original material.  This car has been known in the hobby since 1960 when it was pulled out of a garage in San Francisco.  The engine was rebuilt in the 1980s after an inexperienced owner ran it out of oil and fried the bearings.  It still runs beautifully and has a nice patina.   

1930 Lincoln 2013 front bumper.jpg

1930 Lincoln 2013.jpg

1990 Lincoln 183_ New shades.jpg

1930 Lincoln Linotti.jpg

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A *slim* Ed Linotti holding the camera in the last photo!  Ed and I went to grammar school together and had many old car adventures in the early 1960s.  He passed away far too young in 1988.  I knew the car "Old Abe" well in the 1960s.  Barry R used to dispense champagne from a silver ice bucket kept in the trunk at concours events.  The last photo seems to be taken at the late, great Palo Alto Concours.

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