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1929 Stearns Knight J8-90

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Since Pete went  to the trouble, I'll put a thread here on my unrestored Stearns Knight.   The 8-90 was the top of the line car in Stearns Knight line and the production bodied cars sold for over 5k.   This has a coachbuilt Brunn body (1 of 3 different bodies built by Brunn for Stearns and originally sold for $10,000.00.    It was displayed at the NY auto Salon (see pictures) and the Chicago and LA where it was finally sold.   I'm the 4th owner.    A single partial respray at some point as well as a top, otherwise basically left alone.



1929 Stearns-Knight J-8-90 Convertible Victoria-1 - Copy.jpg


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Great car AJ. Thanks for sharing all the pics. I really like the shots you included of the “under dash/steering area”. Used and well cared for. A look I appreciate more and more the older I get. 

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I just want to call to everyone's attention to the fact that this is an open body style car BUT has cloth upholstery! not leather.

this was not unusual for a car in that era with an open body style but that also had roll up windows in the doors , not side curtains.

It is a seldom talked about feature , but was something that was just accepted and not questioned when the cars were new a century ago .


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