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1932 Buick 5 window coupe Series 56S


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1.jpg.f8baa9d1c057f67b52da66705bbcc7f0.jpg2.jpg.583ae03c71be99f397a5b81d8b57068c.jpgMy name is Don, I am 75 and joined the Club last June. I met Pete Phillips at the Pre-War Chickasha swap meet and learned about BCA from him.  Since then, I have had the opportunity to visit Pete’s shop and purchased some much-needed parts. I am quite sure I will be buying more in the future. Thanks Pete

Now for the car. She is a 1932 Buick Series 56S, dual side mount tires with the golf club door. A barn find I was told that had sit in a North Texas barn for 30 plus years. That’s all the history I know, wish I knew more.

As you can see by the pictures, there is lots of rust. Every nut, bolt and screw are frozen. Surprisingly the only cancer was a few spots near the bottom of each door. The body is solid, mechanically can’t say much, but the engine is not stuck, wood frame not so good. A long-term project with lots of highs and lows for sure. I enjoy a challenge!

I have a lot of questions and have researched and found many answers on the Club website.

Three questions for today:

I have the two-part spark plugs (Champlin C-7), two of the lower bodies of the plugs don't want come lose.

How do you remove the spark plug lower body part when there is no room to get a socket on it ?

Rumble seat / trunk lid latch spring, my spring is broken and I have not found a replacement, any suggestions would help ?

Side mount tire lock, I have locks on both sides but no keys, how do they attach to the wheel ? Are they necessary to hold the tire in place ? Do I even need them ?

I will soon list in the Buy/Sell section many extra parts that I don’t require.

Thanks in advance …


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I have an unrestored 32-56S that I am working on getting on the road.  For your spark plug removal, you need to take a deep walled socket and grind the outside until it will clear the ridge on the outer edge of the plug tube.  


For the trunk lid latch, Bob's Automobilia has replacement assemblies.


I am near completion on a full restoration of a 32-58.  I can help you for info and advice as the entire drivetrain is identical for your 32 56S.  I replace about 60 % of the ood in the body.


Enjoy your car.


Bob Engle

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Found a 1 inch socket at the local trade day in Bowie, Texas today. Now to get it turned down to fit.

I will check Bob's Automobilia for the latch parts.

Thanks for the offer of help, as I progress on my latest project, I will likely take advantage of it.


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The picture of your car and its side mount lock is different for 32. I’m familiar with the 31. There were two different type locks in 31. 
the lock did not hold the wheel in place it simply locked it. The ‘holding’ of the wheel was that rod then a tire bracket and nut. 
those side mount locks are difficult to find. It was an option. There are four parts on the lock. The lock body itself, a a hex screw that holds the body to the lock fender saddle, a rather large cylinder button and a ‘tongue’ bolt thst held the button and was ‘released’ by the lock. 
good Luck on the restoration. Lots of fun. Beautiful car.


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