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1928 Buick Standard or Master radiator and shell difference

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   Thanks for the note on the Harrison radiator numbers.  The radiator that I have is a 261 so it is for a 1928 Master.  The measurement on my radiator is 33" as I am measuring shell to shell and yours is just the radiator.       Hugh

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Buick Buddy Dave has a Master radiator in the shell of his 1928 Standard that he got from Mark Shaw. Dave had been having overheating issues with his Standard unit. No problem since the changeover. All he said was that the crank hole does not quite match.


Photo of Dave and his 1928-25 at the 2013 BCA National in South Bend. He received the Pre-War Long Distance award. Drove the car from Silver Spring MD. It was pretty much 100 degrees each day.


Dave's car next to our (now gone) 1937 "Lucy" at the meet. I believe he beat my distance by 75 miles.



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I guess that Standard radiator should have water inlet centrally located, under filler neck to match central location of engine head output; while Master radiator inlet should be offset to match the outlet pipe on the head.

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