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History of 65 Buick Skylark


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Can anyone help us located someone or an organization to get the history on our 1965 Buick Skylark? Owners, factory, options????<BR>Thank you!!!!!!! shocked.gif" border="0

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Guest John Chapman

John,<P>You can determine a lot of basic information about your '65 just from the VIN (plate located on front left door hinge post) and the body data plate (located left of center on the firewall in the engine compartment). Once you have the data from these, you can tell what assembly plant your car came from, original color, original trim and model number.<P>A real jewel of a find would be the body build sheet (located in the car, frequently under the rear seeat lower cushion or behind the door panels) or the chassis build sheet (commonly taped to the top of the gas tank). These would be the most detailed information on your car with regards to options, build date, etc.<P>As for factory information, Buick didn't keep records like Ponitac, Corvette and some of the others, so there isn't much available but some spotty record coverage exists. Try looking at: <P>https://www.sloanmuseum.com/research_form.html<P>If you post your VIN and body plate data, we can help you decode it.<P>As for past owner history, try contacting PennDOT for the most recent information, then work backwards. Each state is different with regards to the information that they'll release. Here in CA it has gotten very difficult to get information as a result of legislation passed following several assaults and murders that happened after the DMV released addresses.<P>Cheers,<BR>John<p>[ 05-27-2001: Message edited by: John Chapman ]

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