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Skylark gs site


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I'm looking for 65GS site too. It's been down since the 18th of January like Jim mentioned. I hope Loren that run's the site is OK.

It's a great site with excellent members.

Please if someone has some more information on this...


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My apologies for not keeping you all in the loop.

The hosting site for 65GS.com made some server changes and as a result, 65GS.com ended up being unavailable. The hosting site wouldn't accept that the problem was a result of their server update, and my webmaster wasn't able to gain access to search out the issue. I was about to give up on being able to restore 65GS.com until a member with programing experience came forward and managed to recover the forum. With many, many hours of work he has gotten 65GS.com back up and running. 


  It's good to see that 65GS.com is appreciated. 



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