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1939 Buick Special window crank handle removal


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You're welcome.  Also, this may be obvious but I will say it anyway.  (It wasn't obvious to me and caused me additional aggravation.)  You need the tool to remove the handles, but not to install them.  For installation, you just position the clips in place on the handles and push them into place.  The clip will snap into the groove in the shaft and you're done. This of course makes sense if you think about how the handles and cranks were installed on the assembly line.  Not realizing this, I was futzing with a screwdriver to get the clips in place while installing the handles until a friend helped me out!  🤪

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I use a dental instrument or a small finish nail to remove the clips. Many times the handle is seized to the shaft and using a rubber or plastic tipped mallet can convince the the crank to separate.

                                                                                                          Thanks Leif

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