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Needed: Rubber suspension bushings for Vanden Plas DM-4 "4 Litre Princess" AKA Austin A135 long wheelbase limousine

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I take care of two of these cars.  They're drivers (with Chevrolet drive trains), not museum pieces.  


We're doing a suspension rebuild/renewal and our rubber bushings are dry rotted, cracked and falling apart (already mostly fallen apart for some of them).  The metal flanges do have some information stamped on them.  


The lower wishbone bushings (8 per car) are marked "Metalastik 13/775" and also show a patent number 622514. The upper fulcrum pin bushings at the outer end of the damper lever/upper wishbone are marked "Metalastik 13/781" and show a patent number (possibly the same patent?) that's unreadable on the ones I have here now.


I have a company that can "recoat" these with new rubber after cleaning up our metal cores.  I'm not sure if that's the best solution, unless it's the only solution.   I'm concerned with getting the dimensions right, and ours are in such poor shape that it's going to be very difficult


Here's a pic of one example of each.



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