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1955 Roadmaster Model 72 - AC Control Wiring diagram differences

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Ok gents. Dash is in and most of the wiring is done, but I have a few issues which I will ask about in a different post. My car had factory AC. The 55 Shop manual does have a diagram on the AC control wiring. However, I quickly discovered it is different from what my car has since it was missing a 14 gauge white wire that I had, and it is not referenced in the diagram. I've attached both diagrams in case someone else has the same challenges. 


55 Shop Manual AC Controls:





Research - Fisher Body Service News Booklet (AC Controls):


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Here's the sources of each diagram. The one without the white wire is in the 1955 Buick Shop Manual. I found the one with the white wire in a Fisher Body Service News Booklet at Hometown Buick site. As you can see in each screen shot, they are both labeled 1955. The Fisher publication indicated it was a correction to the Shop Manual. So you are probably spot on that they published the 1954 AC control diagram in the 1955 Shop Manual and then corrected it with the Fisher Service News update. See if you have any thoughts on my other post about the 1955 Roadmaster Model 72 Power Window/Power Seats wiring. These are my last wiring items to sort out and validate I'm getting it done correctly. Thank's as always Old-Tank.      

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